Service List

Displacement Surveys

Our surveyors attend vessels on commencement and completion of cargo loading/ discharging activities, obtain necessary particulars of draft, consumables aboard, etc., and calculate the quantity of cargo loaded or discharged by changes in the vesselís displacement.†

†††††††††††† Hold inspections for cleanliness and suitability prior to loading can be incorporated with attendance on these surveys, as needed by clients.

On Hire/Off Hire CONDITION & BUNKER Surveys

†††††††††††† For Owners and/or Charterers of vessels, cargo spaces and working areas are examined to determine the true physical condition of the vessel, including existing damage, and for on going vessels sound the fuel tanks to establish quantities of oil on board for the appropriate On/Off Hire time.


†††††††††††† Surveys for interested parties to determine condition, suitability, stowage, securing, and outturn condition of break-bulk cargoes, bulk cargoes, project cargoes and other high value cargoes carried by air, land & sea.

Hull & Machinery and P&I Club Surveys

†††††††††††† Surveys of hull damage and cargo handling gear on deep sea vessels are also carried out by our Staff Surveyors. Condition and valuation, on/off hire and machinery damage surveys are also undertaken. We routinely conduct hull inspections for P & I clubs as well as vetting inspections for charter agreements.

Marpol Surveys and Investigations

†††††††††††† Attendances at the request of interested parties (Ownerís, P & I Clubs, Chartererís) for the purpose of Marpol Investigations, sampling of Oil Tanks and Spill Areas with provision for Chain of Custody to be maintained prior to subsequent laboratory analysis.

Particular Average

†††††††††††† Investigation of cargo losses (ocean, railroad and air) to determine the nature, cause and extent of same. Our professional services are directed at mitigating all losses and, if necessary, obtaining the best salvage recovery possible.† These activities cover all commodities in domestic and foreign trade indigenous to our area of operation including expertise in all types of refrigerated cargoes and frozen seafood as well as logs, wood products and bulk cargoes in Alaska and the Continental United States .

General Average

†††††††††††††††† General Average Surveys and issuance of General Average Reports with complete supervision of all aspects of cargo handling, segregation, etc., and accounting for all costs incurred.

Special Project Cargoes

†††††††††††† Recommending and supervising in the areas of planning, handling, stowing and securing of ďheavy liftsĒ including transformers, bridges, boats, deep space antennae, locomotives, wind turbines, hydroelectric dam and other sensitive project equipment, -etc.

Tug & Barge Condition and Suitability for Towing Surveys

†††††††††††† For Owners and/or Charterers of Tugs and Barges, examinations are made both internally and externally to determine the true physical condition of the vessel, including existing damage at the time of On/Off Hire and suitability for Trip and Tow.

Dock Structure Surveys

†††††††††††† Activities include assessment of damage and required repairs to docks, bridges, etc.† Our activities in this area also include survey of facilities for suitability in the handling of certain bulk commodities with related quality of land transportation connections, etc.

CONTAINER/Refrigerated/Frozen Cargo and Seafood Surveys:

Our staff are available to apply their expertise and knowledge when assisting and investigating claims arising from physical and temperature abuse/damage to all types of containerized, refrigerated and frozen cargoes, particularly seafoods.

Legal Work/Expert Witness

†††††††††††† Attendance as required in a broad range of cases to provide testimony of an expert nature in U.S. District, Superior and Municipal Courts, and at Arbitration Hearings, domestic and overseas.

Loss Control Surveys

†††††††††††† Our staff provides full loss control services including facility inspections, operational and procedural review to assist in mitigating losses through pre-planning and casualty avoidance.


†††††††††††† Consultations in all aspects of Maritime Trade including facilities, vessels, cargo, safety, etc.


†††††††††††† Pre-Arrival planning and scheduling with Attendance and oversight during vesselís Port Call and Cargo Operations


†††††††††††† Surveys for interested parties to determine the cleanliness of the vesselís cargo holds and their suitability for the loading and their ability to maintain the quality of the intended cargo.


Surveys for interested parties to determine condition of a vessel, her cargo spaces, ballast tanks and a review of statutory documentation and certificates prior to a vesselís purchase.†